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A little to the left.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The hanging went well. We began a list of things we ought remember to bring with us the next time we do this. (step-stools, a straight edge, etc.) The wall space there was a tad more massive than I was expecting, so I'm debating about whether or not to fill it better before the party.

Because of delirium and exhaustion that occurred the day I finished everything, our picture-taking session resulted in very few usable images of the paintings that are now hanging. Obviously we should have checked them before heading to Karma Juice. Lesson learned. I have a few, though, which I will attempt to fix and organize.

My gorgeous (and wonderful) husband is hanging Early. I am hanging Tilt, my set of four 12x12s.

You see, it's the earth's tilt that gives us our seasons.

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