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Strange Days

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Do you ever notice how those "bad days" that inevitably occur happen in a series of days rather than one? Is that just me?

One of the brighter things that happened was when I managed to whack/sprain/bruise my elbow after an impressive kung-fu like stretch maneuver on a nearby chair. Yes, I said brighter. Fortunately, it wasn't my painting arm. Just my mixing-bowl-holding arm.

Tomorrow, I walk.

I have a painting to ship.

For now, I'm listening to The Magic of Steel Guitar by Henry Kaleialoha Allen, which I recently acquired from my Grandma, and used to belong to my Grandpa. She told me that they'd had that CD player for over 50 years!


  1. Blogger Colin said:

    I hear that they used to make them out of wood back then. My grandpa used to wax and shine CDs for a nickel.

    Then he would go to the corner store and by a pop and a moon-pie. Of course in those days DRM was still very primitive, so every CD you bought came with a lawyer who would watch you while you used it.

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