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The Hoop Revolution

Friday, May 02, 2008

I have this goal: I want to be in better shape when I am 30 than when I was 20.

I have a year and a half to complete this, of course, but it certainly feels like it's rapidly approaching. The good news is, I have finally found a regime that not only works, but that I also adore.

Hula-hooping. That's right, you heard me, and I'll say it again: Hula-hooping.

Okay, that's not all I do to work out, but it's definitely the best part of it. Since I have been doing this regularly for months now, I am actually seeing results! Yay!

I love it for more than just the results I'm seeing muscle-wise, though. It's very therapeutic, and I come up with all sorts of painting ideas while I'm hooping. Mad World was an idea that just came to me in mid-hoop. I hoop in my studio (hooray for wide open spaces) and I get to observe all my in-process art at the same time. I contemplate my next painting decisions, and plan out my short term painting goals. After I hoop, I feel very centered and relaxed. It's just great. I can't say enough good things.

[Is everything in my life a circle?]

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