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Lazy Days

Monday, June 30, 2008

I wish I could say I've been enjoying a long list of exciting summer activities, but that's not really the case. I am, however, nearly out of my supply of small canvases just in time for the semi-annual Aaron Bros. 1 cent canvas sale!! Timed perfectly.

I actually just started a brand new 24x36 (woo!) so perhaps I can get through my supply of large canvases before their next sale in January. This might require an incredible amount of coffee.

New addiction: Hawaii Webcams.

I consider this "work-related" because it truly, legitimately inspires me. Inspires/distracts. One of those.


  1. Blogger brett said:

    I like your work.

  1. Anonymous Kevin said:

    Oooh! Swirlies!

    I like what I'm seeing...

  1. Blogger shayoa said:

    thanks, brett! :o)

    kev- you know it. ;o)

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