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"Do you actually use all this stuff?"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm not really sure what the girl behind the counter of Michaels meant by that.

I have bought an incredible amount of supplies recently. For some reason, I was really trying to use up everything I had before purchasing more. And! Because my grandmother sends me a new 40%-off-one-item coupon every other week in the mail, (hee) I decided to buy up a bunch of stuff. I have a show coming up and some large paintings to paint. I looked like the Liquitex poster child. (This was not paid for by Liquitex, Inc.) (heh)

(Actually, I use many other non-Liquitex products.. I just bought a whole bunch of it that one day.)


(can you hear me when I talk in parentheses?)

I imagine other full-time artists can relate, but I cannot believe how much money I spend on supplies. When I start to hyperventilate at the cost while walking back to the car, Colin has to remind me that this is my job [and passion], and how I make money to begin with. Sometimes it seems as though I buy very little else. I only recently bought 3 new shirts, because all the rest of mine have paint splatter on them.

[I just recently realized that when we live in Hawaii, I will get to use real Hawaiian beach sand in my paintings!! :::squeal::: The real trick will be how I'll be able to peel myself off the beach long enough to actually paint. Hopefully Pele won't have a problem with me stealing her sand. I only take small bits. And I make pretty pictures with it. Hmm. Maybe I'll leave the black sand alone. Just in case.]

Sorry. Sidetracked.

Ooh! Caught on camera! A specimen from the elusive Designus Graphicus species:


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