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This week has been rad.

Friday, November 07, 2008

So apparently I was on the Etsy Front Page 3 separate times yesterday. Wow.

Hey, look, there's Chelsea! It's cool when you're on the front page. You get like 17 million views. :o)

Also, I wanted to show you this Color Study I just finished, but I ended up selling it before I blogged about it. I love it when that happens. (yay) Check out that texture. As I say in the listing, this was really more a texture/phosphorescent study, but either way it was totally done in my very favorite colors.

A couple of days ago there was this really really awesome light coming through the windows and I ran around frantically taking pictures of every painting in the house before it went away. It made huge shadows across the texture, showing each piece in a new light. (Um, so to speak.) I'll post more of them soon so you can see what I mean.

It also made my hair look dark and my lips look pink. It was an awesome, awesome light.

Yep. Quite a week. :o)

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