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Science Geekdom

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A collector and friend of mine, Madeleine, whom I've mentioned before, sent me word of her incredibly exciting news this week. She just had her first paper published in the April issue of Nature Biotechnology!! Woooo!! Congrats, Madeleine!!

And, just for icing on an already delicious cake, they used the artwork she submitted as the cover too! Check it out:

Isn't that awesome? :oD Hooray for science geeks pursuing science!! You make the world go round!! Well, okay, you help explain how and why it does, but that's incredibly important!!



  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    *That's beautiful!*

  1. Blogger shayla said:

    totally :oD

  1. Blogger Madeleine said:

    Thanks so much! I didn't expect them to use it so I was pretty surprised. :)

  1. Blogger shayla said:

    psshh, I'm not surprised they used it!

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