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Top 3 Reasons I Resent Having To Leave My House

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Occasionally we find ourselves lolling about on a Sunday afternoon not really wanting to do anything other than enjoy ourselves and laze about on the carpet.

And why wouldn't we? I love my patio. So much do I love my patio.

Sidenote: Everything that yawns is cute. Everything. Look how cute he is:


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    *Your patio looks like a bungalo hideaway! SO PRETTY!*


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    ::ehem:: "bungalow"
    (I hate mispelling)

  1. Blogger shayla said:


    Yeah, everything is really GREEN and awesome. Made even better by all the wonderful herbs and other stuff I'm growing.

    I swear I must walk around smelling like Basil, Chives, and Oregano now.


  1. Blogger Jen and Bern said:

    Love it! YES the patio is quite inviting...putting it mildly!

  1. Blogger shayla said:


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