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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Both in my Etsy shop, although the first one is no longer available. :o) (Thanks, Crystal!)

I've been experimenting with finely ground glass lately. It's interesting. Somehow, it's not sharp, but it does make interesting texture as well as making the painting super-uber sparkly (which is, unfortunately, absolutely impossible to capture in pictures.)

I did notice just today that there is something extra special about the way morning sunlight reflects off the glass. It's brighter and MUCH more sparkling than I'd even realized. I love the different colors of light. I should wake up earlier more often. (Yeah, right.)

I find it sort of funny that my mom used to make stained glass windows, and now I'm adding glass to my paint. Madness.

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  1. Blogger Sikiu Perez said:

    I love your art!!! It has been a while I don't get surprise and amazed with a painting. Thank you for showing them. Take Care, Sikiu.

  1. Blogger shayoa said:

    Thanks for your comment! I very much appreciate it. :o)

  1. Blogger Sikiu Perez said:

    If you wonder how did I get to you was through WC.

  1. Blogger shayoa said:

    ah ha! Good to know. :o)

    I never get over there as much as I want to...


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