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Color Backlash

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As always happens when I finish a painting, somehow, mysteriously, my next painting ends up being a direct contrast of colors to my previous painting. It's like my brain needs to balance. The last painting I finished is a very soothing, cool, teal&blue&white extravaganza. (Which I'm not *entirely* finished with because I can't seem to stop fine-tuning it, even though I officially debuted it to my friends at a party last weekend.) (Although I promise to finish it today and try to get final pictures up tomorrow.) (But if I keep talking in parenthesis, then it doesn't really commit me to anything.) (ha.)


What I'm saying is: Orange. And Yellow. Obviously. It had to be that way. Orange&yellow&purple, actually.

Bright, neon looking purple, just like these orchids, which somehow my best girl just psychically knew I was planning to use anyway when she randomly gifted me with this incredible plant yesterday. [How did she know???? I only began the orange yesterday morning.]

I love starting new paintings. :o)

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