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Thursday, September 04, 2008

... and I am definitely not speaking of alcohol.

I've been in a fog lately. Sometimes I get tired of painting. Not painting for painting's sake, just tired of doing the same thing, and looking at the same paintings. I've just been drowning in paint. (ew.) I've been trying to finish up the tiny ones to send to New York, which means that a lot of room is being taken up in my studio, preventing me from working on the large pieces that are holding my attention. But, I'm finished now. Just gotta get 'em ready for shipping.

I've also been in a political haze for weeks. (Make that: months.) That's not a bad thing, I'm glad to be interested, and glad to be informed. Political apathy irritates the bazooka joe out of me. I only say this because this is the first (okay, second) presidential election year in which I haven't been apathetic. But, I am WAY MORE interested now. It's just.... blah. War, economy, insurance, security......... all so very NOT creative and artsy things.

Sometimes I have to just not paint in order to paint. That doesn't need to make sense to you. I'm just blathering.

This is kind of fun:

If you read this in the next 2 days, you can see the actual treasury on Etsy here. It's this amazing concept organized by Vicki Diane of VickiDianeDesigns. Sometimes you forget that the artists on Etsy are real people with real faces! This is a great way to show the artists behind the art. I especially like that one guy up there. Top row in the middle. I have a big crush on him. Is it wrong to have a crush on another artist? It's just that he's so cute. I can't help it. And lookie, with our pictures right next to each other, I can pretend that we're *together.* :oD ::squealing and swooning::


  1. Blogger Sikiu Perez said:

    you are so funny :)
    I read you every-single-time you post, I subscribed your blog on my Google Reader to make it easy.
    From me, an admirer you never met. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  1. Blogger shayoa said:

    hey thanks!! :oD

    you know, colin has told me like 12 thousand times that I should sign up for google reader to manage my blog reading, but for some reason i never do. hmm...

    heh. ;o)

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